Gidgegannup Development

Gidgegannup has developed rapidly over the last fifteen years since the adoption of the original Gidgegannup Rural Strategy. Subsequently the North Eastern Hills Settlement Pattern Plan was formulated and adopted and the Place Planning Process resulted in the Gidgegannup Rural Strategy being revised and adopted by Council in November 2004 and subsequently adopted by the WAPC in 2006.

A new Planning document has now been formulated by the WAPC and commented on by the Community. Directions 2031 and beyond is still in draft form for the North Eastern Outer Metropolitan Area, which covers Gidgegannup.

In the Draft document the following is noted: Gidgegannup: Gidgegannup is indicated as an urban investigation area on the draft urban expansion plan. Gidgegannup is currently constrained by matters relating to waste water treatment and water supply, quarrying,
public transport and traffic implications and that these matters will need to be resolved before any urban expansion will be supported. It is noted that the area under investigation in Gidgegannup is 400 ha and this process will take place from 2011-2020.

Reference is also made to The “Orange Route” as follows: Perth-Adelaide National Highway – Toodyay Road (Orange Route)
Any new developments along this road will require improvements. Consideration will need to be given as to the extent of upgrading required as it may be many years before the future Perth-Adelaide National Highway replaces the existing regional role of the Great Eastern Highway.

It is also interesting to note that the City of Swan’s Increase of Population projection for Gidgegannup to 2026 is 1300 people.

metropolitan region scheme
– amendment 1239/41

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) intends to amend the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) for land in the local government of Swan and is seeking public comment.

The amendment seeks to transfer approximately 296.36 ha of land from the rural zone to the urban deferred zone.

Submissions must be lodged with the: Secretary, Western Australian Planning Commission, Locked Bag 2506, Perth WA 6001; on or before 5 pm Friday 22 March 2013.

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gidgegannup lifestyle survey

The aim of this survey was to find out why we all live in Gidgegannup, and what it is that needs protecting.
This information can be used to support our lifestyle when negotiating with state and local authorities
to only allow development that meets with our community requirements.

Lifestyle Survey Results

gidgegannup townsite survey

The aim of this survey was to find out what we all think about the townsite proposals so far.
This information will form the basis of our submissions to Local and State Government.

Townsite Survey Results – Summary
Townsite Survey Results – Full



– 2010/05/20 · GPA “Townsite Survey Results – Summary” (50 KB)
– 2010/05/20 · GPA “Townsite Survey Results – Full” (356 KB)

Gidgegannup Progress Association

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City of Swan / EMRC

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State Government / State Corporations

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– 2002/04/00 · North Eastern Hills Settlement Pattern Plan (5.71 MB) is an initiative of gidgegannup community groups