West Gidge Fire Brigade

West Gidge Fire BrigadeThe West Gidgegannup Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade has been in operation in one form or another since the early 60s. West Gidgegannup Brigade is registered with the City of Swan. It operates under the authority of the City’s Chief Bush Fire Control Officer in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Swan and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). Its roles and responsibilities are governed by the Bush Fires Act 1954 and other relevant emergency legislation.

The West Gidgegannup area is that part of Gidgegannup West of Stoneville and Reserve rds, Northwards to the Avon river. It is characterised by larger rural properties, the majority over 20 Ha, although there is increasing development of 2 Ha properties south of Toodyay rd. There are also large tracts of bush, some privately owned including Paruna Sanctuary (2500 Ha) on the Avon Valley.

Fire protection in Gidgegannup
Fire protection in Gidgegannup

Increasing fire risk from various causes, including hotter drier summers and changes to land use, mean that the community needs to be more vigilant and proactive in preventing and controlling fires. West Gidge Brigade is the front line for this in our area.


Postal address: PO Box 34, Gidgegannup WA 6083
Street address: 1335 Toodyay Road, Gidgegannup WA 6083

Captain /FCO Justin Skewes 0439 938 133
1st Lieut/FCO Steve Donnison 0409 084 087
2nd Lieut Jason Kingston 0402 827 122
3rd Lieut Eric Thomas 0439 828 054
4th Lieut Anton Bekker 0400 229 070
BFCO Mark Smith 0411 718 348
DCBFCO John Mangini 0427 770 003
Secretary Tayla Skewes 0437 578 138
Treasurer Genevieve Payne 0419 043 098
Declan Degens 0487 846 473
Mike Berriman 0419 954 340

FCO = Fire Control Officer

BFCO = Bush Fire Control Officer (appointed by the City of Swan)

DCBFCO = Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer (City of Swan)

Permits for Gidgegannup landholders for the 2020 Spring Restricted Burning Season will be issued both at your local Gidgegannup Fire Station on Saturdays between 8:30 and 10:00am, and electronically by the City of Swan Community Fire Officers.  Please contact the City by telephone at 08 9267 9267 or Google search the City of Swan website for more information.

Fire fighting in the Parrot Bush, Gidgegannup
Fire fighting in the Parrot Bush, Gidgegannup


Any resident, landholder or person with a connection to the West Gidge area is welcome to join. All you require is to be reasonably fit and be able to get a police clearance. All training and equipment (including clothing, boots, helmet etc) are provided free
by the City of Swan through funds allocated from the Emergency Services Levy. Members who are often within the district during the working week are particularly welcome as often there are insufficient crew available for all units at these times.


New members do a weekend of formal training; then ongoing in-brigade training including regular monthly training activities, hazard reduction burning, and special training events. Ongoing higher level training is available to those members who have accrued appropriate experience and wish to progress to senior brigade positions.


The West Gidge Brigade currently has the following equipment:
– 1 x 2.4 – Isuzu 4WD truck with 2700 lts water
Location: New West Gidge Fire Station (corner of O’Brien and Toodyay Roads)
– 3 x light tankers (Landcruisers) with 550 lts water
Locations: New Fire Station and Berry Road
These may be assisted depending on circumstances by privately owned units.

response arrangements

During the fire season a roster is in place where sufficient members to crew the units carry pagers so as to be first turnout for a fire call. This is supplanted by individual phone calls for relief crews if, as often happens with larger fires, multiple shifts are required. West Gidge Brigade works closely with East Gidge Brigade and both brigades normally turn out to fires in each other’s response area.

Reduction burning in area with heavy fuel loading
Reduction burning in area with heavy fuel loading

social events

The main one is the Xmas party, now usually held at the new West Gidge Fire Station late November or early December. This is open to all residents of the West Gidge area and usually we have a sheep on a spit with free beer, wine and soft drinks. This is advertised in the Gidgegram in Oct/Nov.

The AGM is usually held in July at the West Gidgegannup Fire Station. Some refreshments are served.

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