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Rural Watch · Incidents and Prohibited Burning

After a quiet spell there have been a few incidents in the last couple of weeks that should stimulate us all to stay alert and watch out for our neighbours.
  1. About a week ago a suspicious vehicle – white Nissan twin cab with fibreglass canopy - was seen parked inside the boundary fence of a property in the northern part of O’Brien Road. The owners don’t know anything about this vehicle. Let us know if you do?
  2. Also last week, another vehicle - Mitsubishi sedan, possibly a Magna, faded grey paint - was seen at 10:30pm at night, also on O’Brien Road, parked near a broken down truck. When "lit up" by a nearby neighbour the vehicle departed in a hurry. Hopefully they left the area, but if you know anything of this vehicle, again please let us know.
  3. A farmhouse in Clenton Road suffered an attempted break in a few days ago. A sliding door was pulled off its mountings and the house was entered setting off an alarm system. Fortunately it would appear the alarm caused the intruder to leave the house as nothing was stolen. Police are still investigating and following a lead from a neighbour who was able to provide a description of a person seen on foot in the vicinity and rego of a vehicle that may have been involved.
Please be advised that the Chief Bushfire Control Officer for City of Swan has extended the Prohibited Burning Season until midnight 14th April 2012 due to the dry conditions and associated fire risk.

A decision as to whether to issue Burning Permits covering the period 15th April 2012 onwards will be subject to environmental conditions as the time gets closer.

Note that Burning Permits for both East and West Gidgegannup will ONLY be issued at the Gidge Fireshed from 08:30 to 10:30 am on Saturdays. Note also that you will usually have to wait a minimum of 4 days after the permit is issued before commencing burning so plan well ahead.

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Rural Watch · Dog Attack Warning

About 10.30 am on Friday 30 March a dog came into a property on Reserve Road through a roo hole in the fence and attacked sheep. Two had to be put down and another four have had injuries treated. What it will do to their lambing prospects is questionable.

The dog was disturbed fortunately but unfortunately no gun was handy. The dog was large (Rhodesian ridgeback type), light brown, short haired with a darker muzzle. It was wearing a collar. If you see this dog on your property catch it – it is a killer.

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Fire Brigades · Fire News & Advice April 2012

Lovely to see cooler weather but please don’t let this lull anyone into a false sense of security. The bush is still extremely dry, we usually get very strong and dry easterly winds during autumn, and we are still likely to get hot spells.

The Prohibited Burning Season has been extended to 14th April due to very dry conditions.

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Cubs and Scouts · Activities

Cubs are for boys and girls aged 7 and a half to 11 years and Scouts for boys and girls aged 10 and a half to 15 years.

This term the Scouts will be having a sunset hike from Mundaring to Mt. Helena and a swimming night at Bilgoman Pool. This is in addition to our normal activities each Tuesday evening and preparing us for the branch event in March which is the Swantiki 2012 Rafting Competition. Groups disguised as Vikings will make their own raft, built on site on the Swan River and put to the test.

Our Cubs have started the year with a little hike and will enjoy cooking and scavenger hunts.

Enquiries Donna Feehan 9573 6707.

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Basketball Club · Next Season

Next season starts at the beginning of the fourth school term. Keep an eye on the community web site for the registration day, which is usually around August. We have girls and boys teams from "10 and under" through to adults teams for men and women

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Progress Association · Newsletters February & March2012

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Experience Gidgegannup · Newsletters February & March 2012

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Kookaburra Cinema · Final Program Segment 2012 Season

See the link below for the final program segment for this summer season at Kookaburra.

We trust that you find something of interest in these selections and we had to pass up a couple of films that had Oscar nominations as the distributors were reluctant to take firm bookings "in case the film gets an Oscar and demand increases". That sort of response is fairly typical at this time each year but for some strange reason/s it has been worse this summer. Glen Close has an Oscar nom for her role in Albert Nobbs and we have been able to secure that we got one at least.

Thanks for your support over this shorter than normal season and we look forward to next summer when we should be able to run a full season unimpeded.

Regards, Lindsay @ Kookaburra

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WA Folk Federation · Old Style Folk Concert

Sunday 25th March 2012, 6PM to 10PM at Gidgegannup Showgrounds Hall, 2171 Toodyay Road, Gidgegannup

The W.A Folk Federation presents the "Old Style Folk Concert" on Sunday 25th March. Performances will take place between 6PM and 10PM. Tickets are $10 ($8 concession) and are available at the door. Drinks and light refreshments will be available.

"The WA Folk Federation wanted to put on a show which captured the spirit of the earliest days of the WA Folk scene. We thought the best way to do this was to enlist the help of WA Folk pioneers like Greg Hastings, Geoff and Margaret Morgan and others who were there from the earliest days, said Keith Anthonisz, Chairman of the WA Folk Federation. Other guests will include Norma Holmes, Kevin Saunders, Bernard Carney and Peter Bugden.

"It will be great to give the public just a taste of what it was like in the halcyon days of WA Folk and to share in this reunion of respected artists who paved the way for our current Folk and Acoustic musicians" said Keith Anthonisz.

"The WA Folk Federation is proud to present this show to the people of Gidgegannup and hopes to be involved in further projects in the town, and will be appearing at the Small Farm Field Day on Sunday, 27th May, 2012, Keith added.

Further information is available via email or on 0424 108 888. You may also contact Past Chairman John McNair on 0438 429 232.

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Experience Gidgegannup · Picnic by the Lake at Lake Charlotte

Join us for good food, wine, music and magical surroundings. Sunday, 25th March, 2012 - 12:30 to 4:30 Entry by pre-purchased tickets only. No door sales.

Hamper of local produce, $60 for 2 people. Gather some friends and bring folding chairs for a relaxed afternoon by the lake.

For bookings call Sally on 9574 7065 or Penny on 9574 7211.

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City of Swan · Rural Place Office

Opening hours have been extended. Tuesday 9 am - 4 pm. Please contact Gail Compe, Rural Place Manager, on 0409 619 971 or 9267 9446 or by email.

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EMRC · Red Hill Community Liaison Meeting

The EMRC will hold the next meeting of the CLC at the Red Hill Waste Management Facility, 1094 Toodyay Road, Red Hill on the 4th April, 2012 at 6.00 pm. Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

RSVP to Giulia Bono on 9424 2227 or by email.

For More information on the format and purpose of the CLC meetings please contact Rachael Lovegrove on 9424 2249.

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