Karakamia Walk Trail

Karakamia sanctuary is located approximately an hour east of Perth near the small town of Chidlow. This sanctuary is the first property owned by Australian Wildlife Conservancy, purchased in 1991 to protect the threatened mammals of the northern jarrah forest. The sanctuary is surrounded by a vermin-proof fence and all foxes, cats and rabbits have been eradicated providing a safe haven for many threatened mammals.

The name “Karakamia” is an aboriginal word meaning home of the Red-tailed Black Cockatoos; so named because at dusk the air is filled with the sound of their “karak, karak” call.


Visitors can experience the magic of Karakamia sanctuary by participating in a two hour guided walk at dusk. Setting off along a bush track just before sunset, you are likely to see a number of nocturnal animals including Woylies, Tammar Wallabies, & Quenda (Southern Brown Bandicoots). This is a special experience as many of the animals you will see cannot readily be seen in a national park. For more information and bookings visit the Karakamia Sanctuary website.

No dogs are allowed either on or off the leash.

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