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A bird's-eye view of the Gidgegannup townsite, with all shops and services. Click here to open up the PDF.

gidgegannup postcode area (6083)

Gidgegannup is situated in the hills just east of the Perth metropolitan area. The River Avon flows through a deep gorge to the north-west of Gidge. The landscape consists mainly of pastures and forests. In spring there is an abundance of wildflowers. Both flora and fauna are preserved in several national and regional parks.

Map Gidgegannup postcode area
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gidgegannup region

The centre of Gidgegannup is located about 42 kilometers from Perth, on the road to Toodyay. The nearest town to the west is Midland. The average altitude is 250 meters above sea level. The highest point is Smiths Hill at 362 meters.

Map Perth-Gidge-Toodyay
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