Gidgegannup Progress Association

The Progress Association is the Community’s direct link to all those institutions and organisations at Local, State and Commonwealth levels, which can impact on Gidgegannup’s future. Its aims are to “promote, advance and secure the special and general welfare, interests and opinions of persons resident or owning land in or around the locality of Gidgegannup and to maintain and improve the lifestyle of such persons”.

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gidgegannup development

In the early 1990’s the Gidgegannup Rural Strategy was formulated, facilitated by the City of Swan and an area to be known as the townsite was identified and a Townsite Conceptual Plan was drawn up in 1992, based on the land use constraints in Gidgegannup. This townsite area was identified as being capable of supporting about 1400 people. This conceptual area has remained our “townsite” since that time. The Gidgegannup Rural Strategy was finally adopted in 1996.

This was followed by the North Eastern Hills Settlement Pattern Plan (NEHSPP), which was the subject of extensive community consultation and signed off on in April 2002. The NEHSPP states that Gidgegannup would have to accommodate some of the anticipated growth of Perth and it was identified that the best way to achieve the projected growth of 12,600 people was by three small townsites of 4000 persons each, surrounded by rural residential, which would serve as a buffer between the townsite and surrounding rural uses and Landscape Corridors.

Gidgegannup then had the Place Planning process in 2004, which was extensively work shopped and its results were incorporated into the Gidgegannup Rural Strategy Policy which was referred to the WAPC for consideration and adoption. This was finally adopted on 10 July 2006.

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become a member

Membership is $10 per year and due at the AGM in July.
Membership forms are available from the secretary at

Qualifications for membership:

(1) Membership of the Association is open to-
(a) all persons resident or owning land in or around the locality of Gidgegannup
(b) any club, association or other body formed for the purpose of enhancing, developing or promoting; or conducting its affairs so as to enhance, develop or promote the recreational, sporting, educational, cultural or religious interests and opportunities of Gidgegannup residents. Such club, association or other body to nominate a representative, who will have one vote in any poll or election carried out by the Association

(2) A person who wishes to become a member must-
(a) apply for membership to the Committee in writing-
(i) signed by that person and by both of the members referred to in paragraph (b); and
(ii) in such form as the Committee from time to time directs; and
(b) be proposed by one member and seconded by another member.

(3) The Committee members must consider each application made under sub-rule (2) at a Committee meeting and must at the Committee meeting or the next Committee meeting accept or reject that application.

committee & contacts

Chairperson Sally Block  0418 928 549
Vice Chairperson John Mangini
Treasurer Elise Stratford
Committee Beryl Crane
Geoff Knights
Peter Jensen
Richard Ladny

For all enquiries:


The Association meets on the third Monday of each month at the Agricultural Society Hall at 7.30 pm, and members of the community are welcome to attend.


It was established in 1946 with the name Hampstead Hills Progress Association and its initial task was to organise Gidgegannup’s first Agricultural Show in 1946. In 1949 the name was changed to the Gidgegannup Progress Association and the organisation was incorporated. Its Committee was responsible for community matters and Show organisation for the next 13 years.

In 1962 the Show sub-committee incorporated themselves into the Gidgegannup Agricultural Society to allow independent financial management of Show affairs. By 1990 show growth and development pressures in the Gidgegannup area forced realisation that two organisations were needed and the Progress Association separated from its original sub-committee and handed over the show land and the Gidgegram to the Agricultural Society. is an initiative of gidgegannup community groups