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This community website is an initiative of the Gidgegannup community groups.

We aim for the website to be as up-to-date as possible. Generally speaking, any new material will be uploaded on a weekly basis. Please send your material for the website by email to

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This website is a collective effort by many members of our community. As editors our aim is to keep all information relevant, up-to-date and correct. You can help us achieve this in several ways.

If your community group’s page needs any updates, please contact your committee and they can send us the relevant information. For advertising, broken links and all other suggestions, please contact us directly at the email address above.

This website is run on a tight budget. New pages and services like the online forum and online ads are kindly supported by Community Groups and a small group of advertisers.

In 2018 the website was updated to allow use of WordPress Software as part of new Content Management System.  Training was also provided to allow Committee Members to update selected sections of the website.  A Community Grant of $1500 was received from the EMRC to help with the costs of implementing the upgrade and training.  This was gratefully received and the assistance is acknowledged here with thanks.  Please see the EMRC page and links for more information on the annual Community Grants.

Recurring costs like hosting and maintenance are partially covered by the welcome support of local businesses (advertising) and some community groups (yearly donations).

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Chairperson Peter Jensen 0402 910 707
Vice Chairperson Penny Morgan
Secretary/Editor Sally Block 0418 928 549
Committee Jennifer Kent
Jean Baxter


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A website for Gidgegannup was identified as one of the aims in workshops undertaken by the City of Swan in Gidgegannup. This initiative had not progressed. So, in the fall of 2003, the Gidgegannup Progress Association with the backing of the Gidgegannup Agricultural Society, the Gidgegannup Recreation
Club and many other clubs in the area decided to make it reality. A grant from the City of Swan has made it possible to develop the site and subsequent grants from the City and EMRC contributed towards adding more information and additional feautures.

The purpose of this website is to have information about Gidgegannup and its history, and to have pages where the individual clubs in the district can put information about themselves, their committees, their meetings, their projects, and their upcoming events. There are also links to websites connected with Gidgegannup, e.g. to the City of Swan and the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council.

We believe this website should be a useful tool for communication in the community and also outside the community for those who want to know more about us – possibly because they wish to move to this area, for tourism purposes, or just to see what a place called Gidgegannup looks like. is an initiative of gidgegannup community groups