Friends of Gidge Reserve

Gidgegannup Perth Hills Western Australia

Gidge Reserve, or Reserve 2145, is situated on the Perth side of the village where the fire shed and Percy Cullen oval are. It is just one of over 1,000 nature reserves that exist in Western Australia. All have been set aside especially for the conservation of flora and fauna.

In nature reserves we, the people, are guardians, not exploiters. Western Australian flora and fauna are sources of enormous interest and contribute a great deal to the aesthetic qualities of our Western Australian environment. Nature conservation through reserves is well worthwhile, but without appreciation of their beauty, variety and intricate interdependencies, one whole side of the value of nature reserves is lost. Without appreciation they just become tracks of unnamed land.

Paperbark swampPaperbark swamp
Nature walk with Eric McCrumNature walk with Eric McCrum

The Friends group aim is to give those who take time to look a glimpse of a few elements of our countryside and play some part in enhancing the quality of life for this and future generations.


If any of the above appeals or inspires you, you are most welcome to come along to one of our meetings.

Bill Karoll 9574 6191 is an initiative of gidgegannup community groups