This lovely walk along the Wooroloo Brook is attractive at all times of the year. The wildflowers are in bloom in the spring and the waterfall is stunning in winter.

Noble Falls

The walk adjoins a reserve, which is home to many birds and other wildlife. It begins from the Noble Falls picnic and parking area (which is directly opposite the Noble Falls Tavern) off Toodyay Road.

  1. The falls are visible from the car park. Cross the footbridge and then turn left, following the Wooroloo Brook and heading past Noble Falls.
  2. The path will come to a large sheet of rock. Cross over the rock.
  3. Continue along the path until you pass through a gate.
  4. On the left, you will notice a footbridge going over the creek. (Note: crossing this bridge and turning left is a short walk of 1.3 km.)
  5. With the ford on your left, turn right through a gate, then left through another gate.
  6. Go through the gate up to the bitumen road (Koorigal Vale Drive) then turn left.
  7. A) Wet weather route:
    Follow the road to the T-junction (Brennan Rise). Turn left.
    B) Dry weather route:
    Walk several metres and then walk left down the road embankment to ‘Kangaroo Track’, which then becomes a fire break. At the end of the firebreak, walk up the embankment to the road (Koorigal Vale Drive). Follow the road to the T-junction (Brennan Rise). Turn left.
  8. When you reach the T-junction at Old Coach Road, turn left and go through the gate.
  9. Turn left again, into the lower firebreak.
  10. The path joins the higher firebreak. Turn left.
  11. Turn left back to the lower firebreak.
  12. Take the left fork.
  13. Caution: walk up the road embankment to Toodyay Road. Watch for traffic. Turn left.
  14. Turn left down the embankment and return to the picnic area. Take care as the gravel is very slippery.
Noble Falls Walk Trail Noble Falls Walk Trail