Several vegetation communities exist at F R Berry Reserve including Jarrah/Marri/Wandoo woodlands, Melaleuca (Paperbark) fringed creeklines and granite outcrops containing a great diversity of species. The reserve is also home to several species of Rare and Priority flora, some of which are unique to this place and do not occur anywhere else in WA, or for that matter, the World.

Berry Reserve

The vegetation communities also provide valuable habitat for a wonderful variety of our West Australian fauna. Fauna known to frequent the reserve include the Honey Possum, Mardo, Gould's Monitor, Bobtail, Western Green tree frog, Weebill, Splendid Fairy Wren and the endangered Carnaby's Cockatoo. Along the walktrail are photos of some these fauna species that you may be fortunate enough to view on your walk.

The walk trail starts from the picnic facility and car park area. Follow the direction of the arrow on the trail head totem back down the access road to the white boom gate and enter the walk trail here (Note: the numbered trail markers start just after the boom gate).
  1. Follow the indication arrow straight ahead through Wandoo trees and across the winter creek to sign number two.
  2. At this point take the track to the right as indicated by the top arrow. This takes you into open Jarrah / Marri forest on your left, with creekline vegetation associated with the Wooroloo Book on your right. (Note that on the return walk you can take the alternative route, indicated by the lower arrow on this totem, back to the picnic area and carpark if you feel like a longer walk.)
  3. If you walk straight ahead here you will come to the Wooroloo Brook. Notice the change in vegetation here to Freshwater Paperbark (Melaleuca sp.) and Swamp Banksia associated with the stream environment. The main walk trail continues to the left at this arrow.
  4. You will by now have passed many magnificent granite outcrops to the left with a diverse array of wildflowers surrounding them during the season.
  5. Rest here a moment under the magnificent Marri tree and enjoy the view to the Wooroloo Brook and granite outcrops to the north.
  6. Head back onto the main track towards the waterfall.
Berry Resreve Walk Trail Berry Reserve Walk Trail

  1. Pass the One-sided Bottlebrush (Calothamnus) very popular with insects and birds because of their nectar-rich flowers. Note the trail ahead is quite steep and can be slippery - please be careful.
  2. This is the end of the walk trail - rest here for a while and enjoy the spectacular lookout over the waterfall, a real feast for the eyes in any season. During the right season Vanilla Sun Orchids may be seen amongst the Borya (Pin Cushion). Now you will need to turn around and retrace your steps to sign-post 2. At this point you can continue back to the picnic ground the way you came or take the alternative (and longer) route back to the picnic ground. Follow the markers uphill to point 10.
  3. Continue on enjoying the wildflowers that form an under storey to the Wandoos and Jarrahs along the track.
  4. You have now passed a tributary to the Wooroloo Brook continue straight ahead to return to the picnic area.